Elite 615

A model specifically designed for small events or construction sites, Elite 615 is a compact unit that can be easily moved to locations of all kinds. It will bring your customers a unique feeling of quality, cleanliness and luxury combined in a toilet.

Improve your festivities by replacing the conventional chemical toilet with our Elite 615 model which will fully meet your customers requirements.

The Elite 615 is a two-cabin unit making it a unisex model.

Technical characteristics

  • Towable toilet 6 ‘x 15’ H. 12 ‘
  • Fresh water tank 470 liters / 125 gallons
  • Waste water tank 1700 liters / 450 gallons
  • Cold and hot water
  • Backgorund music
  • Ventilated and air-conditioned
  • Insulated with heating system
  • Hygienic
  • Easy transportation
  • Two outlets of 120 volt, 20 amps. Without GFI
  • Ideal format for 100-125 people

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