Currently the most luxurious model of all, the Elegance is refined to the maximum and includes absolutely all bathrooms of large hotels. Music, air conditioning, heating, large mirrors, high-end finishing, even the pleasant smell has been thought of. Ideal for luxurious outdoor weedings and social events.

Replace conventional chemical toilets with our Elegance model, your guests will enjoy the experience of luxury and comfort in a portable toilet.

Technical characteristics

  • Towable toilet 8 ‘x 24’ H. 12 ‘
  • Fresh water tank 1135 liters / 200 gallons
  • Waste water tank 3500 liters / 865 gallons
  • Cold and hot water
  • Ventilated and air-conditioned
  • Background music
  • Interior decoration
  • Halogen lighting
  • Two outlets of 120 volt, 20 amp. Without GFI
  • Ideal format for 350 – 450 people

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