Elite 610

A model specifically designed for the construction industry. This unit is towable and easily movable on construction sites. Robust and safe, it will provide your employees cleanliness. Improve your working conditions by opting for our sanitary units. Adaptable to your needs, this unit can be used during winter or summer and can be easily connected to public services (water / sewer).

Technical characteristics

  • Two toilets / two sinks
  • Towable toilet 6′ x 10′  H. 12′
  • Fresh water tank 470 liters / 125 gallons
  • Waste water tank 1620 liters / 430 gallons
  • Cold and hot water
  • Ventilated and air-conditioned
  • Insulated with heating system 
  • Hygienic
  • Easy transportation
  • Two outlets of 120 volt, 20 amp 
  • Accommodates +/- 600 users between each tank emptying

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