Terms and conditions

  • All units must be returned to us in their original condition, ordinary wear and tear excluded. If you require any type of work to be done, fees of 65.00$/hour, in addition to all necessary material for repair purposes, will be automatically charged. For rental services of over 60 days, we require proof of liability and damage insurance before delivery.
  • Net payment term on delivery.
  • Clients cannot carry out renovation work or modifications on our equipment without written consent of Groupe Star Suites.
  • No graffiti/stickers allowed in the interior or exterior of the units.
  • We are not responsible for damages caused on the field due to the relocation of the unit.
  • Electricity and water are provided by the client, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Pumpout services will be billed to the lessee.
  • Toillette-mobile Star Suites may resume possession of the vehicle at any time and at the lessee’s expense.

For decontamination units:

  • No water or air filter shall be found inside the unit upon its return
  • Units will be cleaned and free of toxic materials upon its return
  • Units shall be used according to applicable regulations.