About us

Mobile Toilets for Rent by Star Suites

Here at Toilette Mobile Star Suites we are very proud to innovate in the field of construction sanitary units with its brand new line of all-terrain towable sanitary units and its units for decontamination. Our new units aim to raise hygiene and sanitation standards in the areas of construction, municipal works and also on recreational grounds and outdoor work, such as golf or agriculture.


An unsurpassed experience for portable toilets

With more than 25 years in the event network to offer the best services in terms of cleanliness and sanitation, Star Suite also wants to extend its expertise more widely to a greater number of people who have a great need for cleanliness in their professional environment, like construction workers. Plus, the great versatility of these off-road units allows us to install them in almost any setting, which can include temporary amusement parks, like fairgrounds, outdoor music events and much more!


The versatility of Toilette Mobile

With the smart designs of our towable toilets, we can easily place them on your excavation site or construction site. Our staff will take care of the transport and will deliver the units to your site. We can then perform maintenance for the units that you have leased long term. The combination of our impeccable customer service and the functionality of construction site sanitary units allows you to have your mind at rest so that you can concentrate on your business or your hobbies!